Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Example #13 The Joys of Marriage

Hera Bell does wedding photography. So sure enough, she has some wonderful photos depicting those jobs. Just look at this guy smiling, bride in hand, strolling down the beach, life just couldn't get any better, right?

But did Hera travel to Turkey to take this photo? I don't know, but here is something that looks very similar:

If my eyes don't deceive me it's reversed and in colour. Does Hera do Turkish weddings? Do Turkish websites use Hera's photos? Her copyright mark is not on this one. Beats me, I don't know, but Hera obviously thinks its the appropriate image to sell Montreal wedding photography. After all, who cares where the blushing bride and groom are from, right?

But wait, there's more, here's another remarkably similar photo:

If this has given you a sudden urge to read Turkish newspapers, you can find that article here:

And the remarkably similar photo here:

But all this has made my head spin and I still need to know

Who took this photo?

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