Sunday, 9 December 2012

Example #26 Canadian, eh?

For those who have been following the remarkable exploits of our intrepid photographer, Hera Bell, you may   be wondering why no Canadians have appeared as Hera's "significant others". Those others have so far spanned the four corners of the globe, but no home grown examples. But do not despair:

In this episode of the Never Ending Story (Hera style), she tells us how she is the modern (wo)Man for all seasons. "As a commercial photographer, I shoot anything and everything. Here is what I mean." and yes indeed, what an impressive portfolio. Notice that she has included the Canadian west in her portfolio. What a wonderful canoe shot, how Canadian can you get, eh?

To emphasize how much she likes this photo, she has it as one of her Top 4 in the Canadian market (by the way, if the one in the top right looks familiar, see Example #3).

Well hold on to your hats, what are the chances that someone found that same canoe, tied to that same dock on that same lake with that same breathtaking background? I am sure you would say none, but hah:

Look at this wonderful shot by Greg McLemore. I am not sure if he shoots anything and everything, like Hera, but he sure knows how to capture a Canoe on a Lake in our great West.

For more wonderful photos from Greg, check this out:

Canoeing always make me wonder

Who shot this photo?

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  1. Her website is back up and running...