Friday, 7 December 2012

Example #18 To Make Swarovski Proud!

Don't you just love nice sparkly jewellery? Hera Bell does. Not only is she an accomplished wedding and boudoir photographer, but apparently she is an unparalleled jewellery photographer. Witness this stunning shot:

And we are so fortunate, because Hera even goes so far as to explain how she took this wonderful shot, with her trusty old Lumix GH2 and one, yes, just one, studio strobe. Amazing. So amazing that it makes me wonder if Swarovski shouldn't hire Hera on a permanent basis, since this is obviously as good as the one Swarovski took for online sales:

See, bottom right, and a mere 48 euros. A bargain, don't you think? I didn't realize Hera worked for Swarovski, someone should contact them and compliment them on the work that Hera is doing for them, don't you think?

If you would actually like to go out and buy this splendid piece of jewellery, you can find it here:

All this makes me want to go out and buy some jewellery, how about you?

But I am still left wondering, who took this shot?

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