Thursday, 6 December 2012

Example #17 Left Brain Right Brain

You know the whole discussion about people who use the right or left sides of their brains more? Maybe something like that is at play here. For instance, here is another one of Hera Bell's signature shots:

How do I know it's one of her signature shots? Why, it's right there, right under the photo, "The Signature Style". I am impressed. But maybe the side of the brain she uses is not the same side of the brain that this person uses:

You see? Must be the other side of the brain at work. Very conveniently, we know who this other-brainer is because this is straight from flickr, you can see the name on the right. Unfortunately it is not the name of the Signature Style person so again I am all confused.

And then Alex totally confuses me by having that photo above on the left which is not really left or right!!

But if these glorious forest scenes enchant you, then just visit:

And I really want to know

Who took this photo?

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