Thursday, 6 December 2012

Example #16 The Hairy Eyeball

Remember that old expression "Giving someone the hairy eyeball"? Ah the good old days. It meant making eyes at someone, trying to get their attention. I guess that is what this photo aims to do:

There it is in all its glory with that signature Studio Hera Bell logo below. Very impressive. Must have been, cause this guy had just the same idea. Take a look:

Wow, really nice, and at least as good as the one above, I would think. The guy who did this one - Raymond Klavins, must see things the same way as Hera Bell. What a remarkable coincidence. Perhaps the two should meet, have tea, share ideas.

To see more incredible photos from a Latvian perspective, just go here:

But that still leaves me wondering

Who took this photo?

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