Saturday, 8 December 2012

Example #22 Hera Bell, The Storm Chaser

We've seen Hera the cabbage photographer, the insect specialist, the industrial recorder, so why not the storm chaser? After all, here she is hard at work chasing very imposing storm cells:

Although I never realized they had these types of storm cells in Tuscany, but clearly they do, because her text is very clear about that. But it looks as though this storm made it across the Atlantic, because this photographer was able to capture the very same storm, right here:

Wow, what a coincidence! If Hera had been really dedicated she would have gotten into a boat and chased it across the sea so that she could have photographed it again in Fort Morgan! But I guess we will just have to make do with her Tuscan shot. If you can't see the similarity, just hold the above photo in front of a mirror.

If you love weather photos then this guy's photos will knock your socks off, prepare to be amazed, just click on View Gallery below this photo in the following link:

All this storm chasing has me wondering

Who took this photo?

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