Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Example #9 So, Whose Winter was it? Seriously?

Hera Bell again provides a nice little story for this photo:

She even received acclaim from the CTV for providing the shot of the day. Remarkable!

What is even more remarkable, is that a Russian photographer also has a magnificent winter image:

Darn, it looks as good as Hera Bell's. This guy must take interesting photos, as it appears here:

And there's our favorite right at the bottom. But wait! There is more. If Hera Bell has a copyright on that photo, is she aware that it is also ............. big drum roll here ................  a downloadable Blackberry desktop image:

Wow, this is really getting complicated.

But if you would like to see more of these glorious landscapes, just go here:

So will the real photographer who took this photo please stand up?

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