Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Example #14 Look Up, Look Waaay Up!

An astute observer just found this pair of photos and noted it on DP review. As usual, Hera Bell has a breathtaking shot:

Wow, look at that. Makes you wonder how she got that close to that vapor trail, doesn't it?  And you can see in the bottom right corner that it is hers, all hers. Well maybe this guy has the answer:

He too got that close. What's that? It's just the image reversed? Why how observant of you. But golly gee, this one says by Julian Chu. Appears Julian Chu is a pilot:

so we can understand how he got this photo. But how did Hera get hers? Questions, Questions,

And if you have a fondness for sky photos, then you will just love these:

And I still want to know,

Who took this photo?

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  1. She's a pilot too and at that time was lifting off to space visiting the moon, I think Armstrong photos when moon landed were actually taken by her