Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Example #15 The Spa, sort of, maybe

Here the amazing Hera Bell shows off her photshopping skills. If you read the text, the photo is a composite of a Florida shot and a studio shot. Unbelievable lighting, no?

Boy does that ever look inviting. So we have a display of photoshopping wizardry and a nice little story to go with it. But it might have been easier just to go to Shutterstock, since they have a photo just like it:

Gee, I wonder if they did theirs by combining a Florida photo with a studio photo? Maybe we should ask the person credited - Dean Bertoncelj. And sure enough, Dean has this:

And Dean tells us he had to do his the old fashioned way, with real people, outside.

Makes you want to go to a spa, doesn't it? If it did, then you should go to Dean's website. He is an incredible photographer from Croatia and believe me his work will knock you out:

Also makes me want to know

Who took that photo?

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  1. Hi ... so to be clear no wizardry on her part .. I guess she stole it from here : .... btw that was shoot in Šibenik Croatia .. RAW files are even vider with full legs of the maseur visible and sand on the beach ( I have raw files off course ) :-)
    p.s. tnx for kind words about my pictures :-)