Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Example #2 The Water Drop

Here we have a very interesting photo. Utterly amazing stop action. Ms. Bell claims this is hers:

She even thoughtfully provides a blow by blow of how she did it.

But we also have this one from Flickr:

And if you go to this site, you will see that Daniel has a whole set of these photos. You will notice that Ms. Bell states that her version was taken using a "Long Exposure". Anyone who has ever tried to take a photo of a falling drop of water will have to contemplate that one for a while.

But I can understand Daniel's explanation much more easily, plus he tried this many times, whereas I guess Hera tried it once and managed to get the perfect shot. Daniel's flickr site includes photos like these:

Nice eh? Go visit his work, amazing macro stuff. And if you go to his website here:

Or on flicker:

You owe it to yourself to see these fabulous photos.

You will see how he did it:

And you know what, I can understand what Daniel is doing, although I am still scratching my head about Hera's description of a long exposure on a tripod.

Anyways, I digress, back to business,

So who really took this photo?

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