Friday, 7 December 2012

Example #21 Hera vs the Bugs

It is clear that Hera excels in just about every conceivable type of photography. But how about bugs? Surely she would be too squeamish to get close to the creepy crawlies. But nope, our dedicated photographer has no reservations about getting really close to things with more than 4 legs:

Wow, look at the detail. Wonder if that's with her trusty Lumix, with but a single studio strobe, and available light and a long exposure ... oops, I am wandering off there,  must be the cumulative effect of the previous posts. But wait, the Chinese, who know a thing or two about high resolution photography, might offer some real competition. Take a look at this bug:

Gosh that's good, but look, again we have that left brain, right brain thing going on, or is it left or right wing political tendencies. Whatever it is, it is at play here again.

Ok, if that photo did not freak you out then you will probably be interested in this mind blowing exhibit here:

But even with all these bugs crawling around, I still want to know

Who took this photo?

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