Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Example #3 The Rocks, The Lake, The Story

This one is intriguing. Ms. Bell's version even comes with a quaint little story:

Sounds wonderful, right? Hera must really really like this photo because it is also one of her TOP 4, yes, it's true, one of her TOP 4, not just any TOP 4, but TOP 4 in the Canadian market. Now I really am impressed:


Only problem is that there is someone else with a photo that bears a remarkable resemblance to Hera's:

Not only that but look at this, he has a whole bunch of photos from the same place and the same sorts of pics:

Interesting, eh?

Do you think that maybe Petri's was one of the TOP 4 in the Canadian market? Sure would have been nice.

If you like these ones, just go here:

to admire many more just like that one.

So who really owns this photo?

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