Friday, 14 December 2012

Simplifying Image Search - A Call to Developers

Anyone who has tried to do an image search using the tools described here will realize quickly that the biggest problem is how time consuming it is. Not to just invoke an image search, but to modify the image many times to create versions for each of the common search-avoidance methods. One has to flip the image horizontally, maybe vertically, convert it from colour to BW and then sepia, try rotating to the left or right, change the brightness, contrast and saturation, etc.

I don't have the time to do it, but an enterprising developer could probably find a substantial market for a tool that would simply modify a photo in all the common ways described above and for each instance, submit it to one or more image search engines. Optimally this product could be invoked with a right click like Google Image Search and Tineye could.

Another very useful feature would be to enable batch runs so that the product could be pointed to a folder of files and executed in batch, rather than one by one.

If anyone develops a tool like this, let us know. Better still, post it everywhere so that photogs everywhere can take advantage of it.

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