Sunday, 9 December 2012

Example #25 Hera, The Spoon Lady

Well, we have now hit a bit of a milestone since this is the 25th pair of photos we have to appreciate. Also, we can get back to the humorous side of all this. This is the silver anniversay example, so to speak, and Hera just outdoes herself on this one. Consider, for a moment, the incredible balancing act demonstrated by the oh-so-versatile Hera here:

Check out that photo on the right. I wonder how much liquid was used to get that shot. Honey, Hera tells us, how sweet! How many takes were needed to get this perfect balance, and think about it, the cleanup after each attempt. It's an image that really "sticks". That shows true determination. I guess determination paid off because Hera tells us that this was sold as three 20 x 20 prints to a client in Toronto. Good going!

But I wonder if her client might have gotten something a bit cheaper from this guy, after all, I am sure you will see the similarities:

Oh my gosh, he is even more impressive than Hera! Look! Look! 3 spoons. And there is more - 2, count them, 2, puddles. Even Hera would be impressed with this one.

If you like that balancing act you can check out more fine examples here:

All this dribbling is making me wonder

Who took this photo?

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